Argos - Instore

A brand new instore experience rolled out to stores nationwide. Showcasing all of Argos' product range with features to aid and to enhance the instore shopping experience. 

Timeframe - Jan 2018 - Mar 2019         Role - Senior UI Designer

Timeframe - Jan 2018 - Mar 2019         
Role - Senior Product Designer





Design Audit

Collectively, the first thing we did, was to audit the current 7-inch display and analysis where pain points would be, and how we could avoid those in the new display.

Having finished our Bolt design system, we had all the components to adapt to the new 12-inch display and so we knew the visual element of the audit would not get considered.

Customer User Journey

Once we had finished auditing the customer experience in the current platform, we sketched out and created low fidelity wireframes for our new 12-inch display. Ensuring the experience would be effortless and enjoyable. 

We tested several iterations of our journey's in some Argo's stores with customers to get a better insight into what they wanted to achieve and how easily they could do this. 


UI Component Library

When we were finally happy with our solution, I then designed and built a flexible component library for the DSB which was consistent and followed our initial design patterns and guidelines we had created collectively as a design team for Bolt.

All the components were reusable and responsive, and I also had to create a second icon library especially for the DSB as the icons had to be much larger with a thicker outline to scale for the size of the screen.


Final Design

After 6 months of several iterations and many testing internally and with customers, we completed the DSB, and we implemented it into hundred's of stores across the UK. The experience is far superior to the previous platform, it's clean, and a pleasure to use, which helps thousands of customer's every day to find the products they require.



I worked closely with the DSB team in order to bring some life to the Digital store browser as it was very linear and had no personality. I wanted transitions between screens to remove UI elements elegantly but at the same time provide some delight to the customer.



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